We offer you high quality 3D Rendering to help you visualize your future home accurately. With a walkthrough capability, any flaws in the initial concept are brought to light, avoiding expensive mistakes that are easy to overlook in a two dimentional drawing.

We focus on Interior Designing using 3D Modeling. See your design layout, colours and materials in 3D before you start construction and design changes during construction. Save time and money. Reduce change orders and extra costs during construction. Ensure that you get what you are paying for when you start your remodeling project.

3D design & layout

  • See your design layout, colours and materials in 3D before you start construction
  • Reduce change orders and extra costs during construction
  • Understanding traditional 2D floor plans and elevations can be difficult. Many people can get the general idea from a floor plan but have trouble visualizing how the design is going to look.
  • Being able to see and experience your design in 3D will help you understand how it is going to work.
  • The more you understand the look and the feel of your design, the more comfortable you’ll be in making decisions
  • 3D design can help cut down on changes after construction has begun
  • Reducing the amount of changes during construction can help save time and money

How to get started:

  • La Cabane Sisustussuunnittelu is small and dynamic enough to offer at a very affordable and competitive fee
  • Email or call us, and send your PDF Floor Plan and preliminary design ideas. We respond quickly and provide a preliminary quote based on your general scope of work
  • Once we further discuss the project and agree on the scope of work, will provide a complete proposal for your approval

If you are planning to do a renovation, makeover, facelift or remodeling in your home and you want to visualize it don´t hesitate to contact us for help.

“I have over 25 years experience of working in interior design business. I bring not only an eye for furnishings, but also a deep understanding of architectural design and style. My work reflects a variety of genres, from traditional to contemporary.

My work have been published in several finnish interior design magazines, Kodin kuvalehti, Glorian koti ja antiikki, Anna, Kauniit Kodit to name a few.
- I don't take my own style and stamp it on a client. Instead, I take pleasure in getting to know You and creating a comfortable home that fits You perfectly.
- I’m organized and process oriented. I will comfortably take You step-by-step through creating Your new home.”

Tarja Antell La Cabane Sisustussuunnittelu